Dr. Rebekah Dailey, DNP, RN, CEN, CPEN is a servant nurse leader, currently overseeing the Outpatient Surgery Center for Inova Health System.  In her current role she has built a diverse team of clinical and non-clinical staff, rejuvenated the outpatient vascular surgery services by increasing productivity by 200%, off-set departmental expenses by over $1 million dollars by leveraging her community partners and networks to negotiate a contract to partner with an outside organization, as well as introduced new procedures to improve patient satisfaction and quality.

Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, Rebekah attended the University of Kentucky for both her undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and her Doctor of Nursing Practice in Population and Organizational Systems Leadership degree.

Her studies focused on cultivating healthy work environments, and eliminating horizontal violence. Rebekah has always been a servant leader rather in her studies or involvement in various community and professional organizations to truly advocate and serve people of all walks, but with a focus on advancing individuals of underserved communities.  Rebekah would describe herself not only as a servant, as that is what she believes her purpose is, but also as a visionary leader.  She has a passion to help others see their potential and the potential and impact of actions within an organization or beyond.  When she is not working tirelessly, she is traveling the world and cuddling with her Doghter, dog daughter, Chloe.