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Information on NAHSE Career Center

Welcome to NAHSE-WMAC Member’s Only Career Center!

This comprehensive digital job board brings together the most committed, qualified healthcare professionals with the top local and regional health care employers to produce working relationships that support development, improve organizational success, and advance health care for all.

Members can post a resume, search the job board for various positions, or sign-up for customized alerts to ensure that members find the perfect professional fit.

Employers looking for diverse talent to fill open positions within their organization will gain exposure and access to a diverse network of dedicated professionals actively committed to advancing their career. Job postings will reach active NAHSE-WMAC members and a professional mailing list of 10,000+ professionals in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Additionally, Employers will have an opportunity to participate in NAHSE-WMAC 2021 Inaugural Healthcare Career Fair “Empowering the Next Generation of Health Care Leaders”.

Whatever area within the healthcare ecosystem, NAHSE-WMAC Member’s Only Career Center can help you find the right match.

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