Taneisha Laume

Term: May 1, 2019 – April 30, 2020
Program: Master of Health Administration, The George Washington University
Graduation Date: May 2021

Taneisha is the Student Ambassador for NAHSE-WMAC. In this capacity, she serves as the official liaison between NAHSE-WMAC and the health administration graduate/undergraduate community. She establishes creative approaches to introduce students to NAHSE – promoting engagement and membership. Through these interactions, she obtains insight on professional development opportunities that complement regional academic programs.

Q. Where is your home hometown?

A. I was born in Levittown, PA and moved to Sicklerville, NJ (South Jersey about 15 minutes from Philadelphia) when I was 9. I have a hard time when asked this question because I still feel a very strong connection to PA.

Q. Why are you pursuing a graduate degree in health administration?

A. Initially, I wanted to be a pediatrician, then realized a desire to affect the lives of a population, not just one person. A degree in health care administration provides me with the skills to increase access, improve health outcomes, and reduce or eliminate disparities.

Q. What are your short- and long-term career aspirations? 

A. Short term- to successfully complete my graduate program and get accepted into the 10thCohort of Care First’s Graduate Development Program. Long term- to start a nonprofit that bridges health, education, and mentorship. At some point, I’d like to become a professor. Throughout all phases of my career path, I hope to serve as a role model who has made a difference in healthcare industry.

Q. Why would you recommend NAHSE membership to other students?

A. I recommend NAHSE to other students as a way to connect with like-minded healthcare professionals. NAHSE is the best way for a young student to kick start their professional network and learn more about healthcare administration. Being a part of NAHSE is like having a supportive family of healthcare executives.

Q. Share some personal characteristics that position you for success in healthcare leadership?

A. My passion for healthcare puts me in a great position to be successful. I would also say my ability to connect with people is something that is valuable in all areas of leadership. Plus, I am a highly motivated and determined individual.

Q. Hobbies? Or anything else you’d like to share?

A. I enjoy shopping, watching tv, spending time with my friends and family and playing tennis. So, if anyone wants to play a friendly game of doubles, let me know.

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